In 2015 we visited my longtime friend David for the third time. David lives with his family in Kenya. Earlier, David told of the modest conditions in his village Majaoni Primary. Therefore, we came up with the idea to carry out our program there. My First Day Visit Welcome Song My Second Day Visit Dance […]

Children from poor families are involved in gainful employment as early as possible, for example when begging at street crossings. They do simple things in landfills or in quarries. So the children are often forced to neglect the school.      

Before the colonial time the children in Africa were taught by their parents and the whole village. Not in subjects such as in European schools but in very practical things such as cooking, hunting, field cultivation, animal husbandry, music, dances, telling stories and wise knowledge of the ancestors. Today African children learn much the same […]

This school is a social project of NGO. The students (children, teenagers, handicapped) are engaged in manual tasks.

For all children in India there is compulsory education, at least in theory. Practically, however, this duty is neither respected nor controlled. The state schools are often not of good quality. This school proofs that. Nothing to say Middle School Class Teenager Kids Class  

These are international service clubs that have members of various professions, independent of political and religious affiliations. As his goals Rotary calls humanitarian services, commitment to peace and international understanding and service in daily life.¬†We were received by the club as guests of honor and were allowed to attend their event. We got the opportunity […]