The potential of a human is one of his greatest assets. To discover, unfold and promote one of the most important responsibilities of human. Although it should be the intention of every person on earth to do so. Undiscovered talents mean that the continued existence of humans and society is endangered.

Born and raised up in the Netherlands in a family environment, I have dealt with humans very early on. Unconsciously I developed the ability to speak to people and help them in a very simple way. As a young and inexperienced child, I have spoken to of age people and philosophized with them about life. When I think back to that time, it just sounds abrupt. With about six years me and my handicapped brother were already as musicians in a band on stage. We made music and performed in retirement home, prisons, blind and disabled homes and psychiatric hospitals. Just simply, we made music for people with problems. Whether it was due to age, finances or psychology did not matter to us. For us it was just humans. We touched and inspired these people not just with speaking and listening, but also with the music. My mother once told me an interesting story about me: After our performance in a prison she searched in hopeless for me, when she finally found me, she could not believe her own eyes. I sat in the canteen between the criminals and talked to them. I gave people a sense of satisfaction and security. My childhood was marked by such encounters. In school, I was admired by many classmates and was a crucial point for problems. Strangely enough, I understood all of them and knew more about them than they even knew about themselves. I felt like I could read people’s eyes. However, that was normal for me. I always thought: I’m just like that! After school, I decided for a carpenter apprenticeship. After my successful school I wanted to return to my passion and started a music career.

With our band we did a European tour. At our tour in Switzerland, I met my wife Sonja and I decided to stay in Switzerland. That was the best decision in my life. With my wife Sonja we have two wonderful girls. Although the music was my passion, this time was very hard for me. There was no room for negative energy on the stage. Even though I sometimes felt bad, I had to laugh on stage. After all I can look back on a good career. After settling down quickly in Switzerland, I started my first permanent job as an insurance advisor. My portfolio was practically just of age people. In the insurance industry, the of age people are uninteresting, because they brought in fewer money. I saw in old people the opportunity to help. I took my time and listened to them. I respect and took care of them. Although I earned practically nothing. I advised my clients on an emotional level. After several other jobs like Key Account Manager at large companies in the EDV business I started my own business. I sold beads and found in it my new passion. In many cultures, beads have a deep symbolic character and are considered a therapy. By being able to find out a lot about the people, I was able to sell them the matching beads. I was very successful with my beads company and run the largest beads shop in Switzerland. I worked a lot during that time and was practically always at work with the thoughts. At some point, however, I realized that it cannot continue like this. I did not live my dream and my passion!

I have a dream! I started to coach kids and teens. I had a few sessions a week and then started coaching adults. At first I did it without knowing it but suddenly I saw in myself more and more the ability to link complex and partially invisible connections. As a result, I knew things about those affected that they had never told me. In my head, it felt like this was normal. Because of that ability I impressed the people.

I traveled to many countries and dedicated myself to helping people. I visited schools in Africa and India and used very simple methods to develop the potential of many children. During a family vacation in America, I met one of the most famous drag racing racers in America and coached and supported him during his cancerous illness. I attended schools in Varanasi and coached the students there.

I call my previous work very successful. Success not in financially, but on the human level.
I immediately saw the effect on the children eyes and behavior and was happy about the obvious thankfulness of the children. Seeing that children who did not go to school suddenly go to school thanks of my coaching is something beautiful and indescribable. That’s what I stand for.

Being able to help a person is a special gift. Seeing thankfulness in the eyes of an individual fulfills me. My name is Marcel Willems and I want to help people awaken their full potential.!