The potential of a human is one of his greatest assets. To discover, unfold and promote one of the most difficult tasks of man. Although it should be the intention of every person on earth to do so. Undiscovered talent means that the continued existence of humans and society is endangered.

After many social projects in Africa and India, Marcel decided to start a bigger project. That’s how Swisspathway arised. Swisspathway literally stands for the Swiss way. But there is so much more behind it. Swisspathway wants to show people the way to happiness

Our vocation is to help people. People who have hidden potential and do not know that, who are afraid of defeating their fear and start living, as well people who are not feeling well and who have grown up in difficult circumstances.

Our goals
– to give a good feeling about their existence
– help defeat her fears
– help overcome their barriers

The attention of politics and society to this obvious problem is another important goal of Swisspathway.