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Sunday 2. December 2018


Mantra to solve children to fulfill dreams
For the purpose of realizing the dreams of children, a workshop was organized by the Bharat Vikas Parishad, Shiva Branch, in Unique Academy on Saturday, by Marcel Willems of Switzerland, through various activities,he gave the original mantra. Between class 7 and 8 he did many experiments, he told the children that to reach the dreams, fear must first be removed and with their self-confidence, move towards your goal. Rajiv Agrawal, secretary of Bharat Vikas Parisad Shiva branch, told that children will be benefited from this.

Monday 3. December 2018

Seven ocean celestial springs
Switzerland’s Marcel Willems, who came to India with a dream and traveled through city towns, shared his talents for children, among them, to make the children’s dreams come true, he was playing among children in childish way between them talk about children in the language of children Having done a wonderful job of giving good education, traveled to various cities of India and reached Varanasi.
Marcel Willems, after knowing about the natural beauty of Banaras, the activities of spiritual science, greatly praised this city and what is in the air here is nowhere else, the city’s specificity is measured by its climate and natural beauty. Which is seen in varanasi and I am feeling very happy that Bharat Vikas Parisad Shiva organized this program at Unique Academy, Maldhiya. Marcell Willems, had spent a good time among the children and told them how to make their dreams come true
Skilled trainer is martial
As a skilled train, Marcel explains how to get rid of the hidden eligibility in them and fulfill the dream seen. How to reach a good point of life and how successful they can be. He gave this Training to Students of Bangalore’s last week and now in Varanasi. In the year 2016 he gave this training in some schools of Varanasi and it was quite successful. This motivated him to come again to Varanasi and give this training to children.
Children also appreciate
The children also appreciated the information given by the team and said that they would get a lot of benefit from it, along with Marcel Willems, Shiva branch secretary Rajiv Agarwal also shared their experiences among the children and the school’s principal and teachers also gave their children their Recommended the suggestions from the side


Tuesday 4. December 2018