29. November

Our Vision

· वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) is the core value which guides us. It means that the entire world is a single family.

· It is an integral part of Indian Philosophy which says: “This is my own relative and that is a stranger’ – is the calculation of the narrow-minded; for the magnanimous-hearts, however, the entire earth is but one family”.

· We believe that a loving, caring & supportive family has the powers to make all the changes in one’s life.

· Therefore in Kutumb, the power of the family is the main tool for our intervention.

Our Mission

To create a compassionate family in the form of KUTUMB and develop a model of self-sustainable social organization with the values of Vasudhava Kutumbakam.

Our Objectives

Street Children:

~ To provide a family atmosphere and nurture their Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Quotients.

~ To empower & rehabilitate them in their Physical, Psychological, Social & Vocational spheres.

Women Empowerment:

~ To develop a Critical Awareness amongst the women and empower them through Education & Employment.

Community Development:

~ To develop a “We”-feeling in the community.

~ To maintain the equilibrium of needs & resources in the community by developing various support system.

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