Bangalore 24. November

Welcome to the Paradise Group of Institutions

We A SCHOOL in Bengaluru, solemnly resolve to protect our Children by taking measures to safeguard the child, child’s life, liberty and dignity at School at all times:

We ACKNOWLEDGE that our Children’s safety is paramount and requires a comprehensive,systematic and holistic approach to keep them safe at all times, especially at school

We REALISE that ensuring the safety of our Children in school will require our continuous focus on systems, processes, awareness building, training and monitoring to achieve our goal

We GUARANTEE a prompt, fair and effective response to any allegations of Children in our care
We PROMISE to discipline any offender found guilty of abusing Children in our care and will cooperate in a timely manner with Government authorities, as required under law

We SUBSCRIBE to the view that our children’s safety will depend on building an ecosystem built on mutual trust,involving all stakeholders, viz. Parents, Children, School personnel and Government

We COMMIT our individual and institutional efforts to ensure that suitable action will be taken with a view to keeping our Children safe in Schools, at all times

Certificate of Appreciation