Bangalore 24. November

The emergence of Shanthinikethana School itself is of a great importance. The KUTADRI EDUCATIONAL TRUST in the year 1991-1992 established it with a divine back ground and sole intension to serve the mankind. In Shanthinikethana School a large number of boys, girls and teachers interact like a family, sharing common high aspiration like simple living and noble effort , to be in contact with nature on the one hand and the Indian spirit of joy on the other.

We stress that real education is got in a stimulating atmosphere, which is one’s experience at Shanthinikethana. We take care of the individual needs of every child and aspire for a holistic development of each child. We have classes state board affiliated and ICSE syllabus (affiliation process is in progress) SHANTHINIKETHANA SCHOOL provides ideal education to prepare the children for the century.The school offers strong academic programs in all basic fields of study which provide spiritual, mental and physical growth. We prepare our children to be future model citizens. Preparation of young children for significant achievement with leadership qualities and service for the interdependent and multicultural world, is the mission of the school.

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