Marcel Willems was born and raised in the Netherlands. He is married and has 2 daughters. He has been involved with humans from an early age. Helping people is a personal fulfillment for Marcel.

Accordingly, Marcel is a youth, adult and life coach and applies the following methods:
– iERT Integrated Eye Reprocessing Techniques EMDR/EMI
– EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
– IMAL Integrated metaphorical accelerated learning
– TipTap
– The 5-Points-Method
– Systemic Setup/Constellation
– NLP language models / Modeling of Excellence Neuro Linguistic Programming
– Double Future Back Check
– Timelineprocess
– Mentalcoaching

Being able to help a person is a special gift. Seeing thankfulness in the eyes of an individual fulfills me. My name is Marcel Willems and I want to help people awaken their full potential.

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