I believe in creating, building and cementing legacies.
I have a passion for community development and driving change and sustainability through innovation!

I am a dynamic and strategic person, with demostratanle skills and technical experience in both corporate and NGO sectors.
I’ve always been passionate about advocacy. It has been a recurring theme in my life, informing the kind of content I consume, and the community upliftment initiatives I’ve worked on.

I am a prolific speaker, MC, writer, voice over artist, social activist and project manager.

My versatility and creativity allows me to articulate myself in ways that far surpass the status quo, in varied situations and environments. This, when combined with my pursuit of excellence, results in refreshing sophisticated and professionally managed brilliance and unparalleled perfection.

My tenacity and spirited passion for life, is matched only by my thought provoking creativity, challenging philosophies and ambitious desire to conquer mediocrity.

As for adding value to my work environment, I believe in success of perseverance, worth of character, improving of talent and influence of example.

I have extensive work experience in the medical, marketing, aviation and retail industries and sit on the board of directors of two Non-Governmental Organisations.

Johannesburg Südafrika